Enjoy the Brain experience without any thinking required

Let’s clarify the basics. Brain isn’t just a lump nestled between your shoulders; it’s a rock band. Delving into something as mind-bogglingly complex as the Brain may require some patience. Consider this a quick glimpse into the world of Brain.

Our ”headquarters” proudly stand in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s where we craft, record, and brew up original melodic rock tunes infused with that ’70s vibe, a dash of blues, some progressive rock, and hefty doses of dopamine.

Live performance, Stockholm.
Studio work, Stockholm.
Live performance, High river festival, Överfors.

Imagine the thrill of a rock band navigating the neurotransmitter highways of your Brain. Sounds like a wild dream, doesn’t it? Well, for us, it’s the raw truth. At the heart of our operation lies the power of imagination. We’re masters of duality—equally adept at being heavy and light, water and dirt, enigmatic and obvious, here and gone. We’re the small, contradictory cells in the grand artistic organism, also known as musicians. (Drum roll, please.) Check out the biographies.

The main parts of Brain

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Ah, the Brain, a labyrinth of complexity fit for a scholar. Handling it is an art form in itself. As diligent band members, our mission is to tame this wild beast and serve up something truly remarkable. We’re here to distill the chaos into a symphony worth your ears’ attention.

Head off to Spotify, Apple Music, social media or our CD album for a feelgood experience of Brain music. No need to worry, we have assumed control.

You can also have a listen right here:

You Won’t Get What You Want by Brain.
Tough Luck by Brain.
Absent Friends by Brain.
Fool In Love by Brain.
Sweet Louisa Lewis by Brain.