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First, the most important thing. Brain is a rock band. Maybe you thought it had something to do with that lump between your shoulders. Well, that is wrong. It’s a rock band. Exploring something so unbelievably complex like the Brain might take some time. This is a brief introduction.

Our head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. Here we write, record and produce original melodic rock music in a 70’s style with an influence from blues, progressive rock and large doses of dopamine. It’s simply Brain chemistry.

Live performance, Stockholm.
Studio work, Stockholm.
Live performance, High river festival, Överfors.

Wouldn’t you love the idea of a rock band carrying the neurotransmitters in your Brain? It sounds like wishful thinking. For us it’s harsh reality. One of our best resources at work is imagination. We can be both heavy and light. Water and dirt. Enigmatic and obvious. Here and really gone. Expressive and reflective. We are small contradictory cells in a larger artistic organism. We are also musicians. (Drum roll.) Check out the biographies.

The main parts of Brain

Have a listen

As we mentioned, Brain is complicated matter. Handling it is an art. Our job, as carefully working band members, is to simplify and serve. We want to craft an output worth listening to.

Head off to Spotify, Apple Music, social media or our CD album for a feelgood experience of Brain music. No need to worry, we have assumed control.

You can also have a listen right here:

You Won’t Get What You Want by Brain.
Tough Luck by Brain.
Absent Friends by Brain.
Fool In Love by Brain.
Sweet Louisa Lewis by Brain.