Inside the Brain’s funky attic

Inside the Brain resides a four-piece rock band, with its headquarters situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

We craft, record, and brew up original melodic rock tunes infused with that ’70s vibe, a dash of blues, and some progressive rock. Even though vocals has a central role in our music making you will find instrumental parts in almost every song.

Once upon a time in 2007, Brain emerged from the musical mist. We kicked things off as a cover band, jamming to the sweet tunes of the legendary British group Free. But guess what? Eventually, covering those tracks felt about as electrifying as watching a sloth race. So, we did what any self-respecting Brain would do: we decided to pen our own musical masterpieces. Because let’s face it, boredom is the Brain’s arch-nemesis, and we’re all about having a blast!

Biography of band members
Brain is Mats Sandberg, Clyde Blomberg, Eric Lindesvärd and Pär-Ola Henriksson. See complete biographies.

Rock from the late 60’s and early 70’s is the common denominator for us—the Brain staff. Our songs tend to sound like they came from that golden era.

Working in the Neocortex Studio, Stockholm. (2018)

Brain does not have a songwriter

Wait a minute, is this a mind game? Not at all, even though no-one to this day knows exactly how the Brain works, the music is a result of jam sessions where all members have musical and rythmical input. We have learned a lot and like to share our experiences.

When it comes to lyrics, we collaborate with Sigyn Avis (Brain’s fifth member) who has written the most of it. The rest of the lyrics is written by Mats Sandberg.